We are a company specialized on dynamics to promote team building and communication since 2002. These activities have a long term impact on the participants behavior.

Teams facilitates group collaboration, we discover abilities and conduct positive changes in the participants. We create funny dynamics with goals and challenges adapted to your objectives.

The most important effects are productivity improvement, lower turnover, more motivation and a positive attitude to change and challenges.

We go!, be it Mexico or any other Latin American country or United States or Canada. Our fully bilingual staff will enjoy going to your place. We go!

Why Teams?

We are creative

You choose to be:
  • Chef
  • CSI investigator
  • LOST survivor
  • FORMULA 1 pilot
  • Picasso painter
  • and many more ...

We are adaptive

  • 100% mobility, we go wherever your convention or meeting is
  • Time: From 1 hour to you annual team building objectives and program
  • Participants: From 10 to 5,000

We are experienced

  • Teams offers a free of risk experience, based on our care to details , extensive experience and outstanding quality of the experiences we deliver. We have an ample clients portfolio who repeat once and again
  • Teams way: Quality
  • Teams goal: inspire and improve your teams

Teams deliver

  • Teams helps you build an innovative and profitable work climate, generates attitude changes to enhance energy, productivity, cohesion and creativity in your organization